Coorest | The Beginnings 2021–2022

1 min readDec 10, 2021
Coorest official

Welcome Coorestians!

We are close to the end of 2021, and ready for an exciting 2022.

The community of our ecosystem is growing and we are receiving an increasing number of partnership requests with each passing day. This makes us believe that the IDO will happen sooner rather than later.

Upcoming news

  1. The NFTrees are available at the marketplace, more will be minted.
  2. Secret tier disclosure.
  3. New collaboration with PLC network.
  4. Coorest game disclosure.
  5. New land and NFTrees will be revealed.
  6. Planting trees will follow up.

Read the whole white paper to understand Coorest’s vision.

Buy an NFTree, collect the $CCO2 tokens and burn the tokens to register the amount of CO2 you removed. Buy here.

Join the Coorest community and help us build a better future!

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Coorest makes carbon compensation easy, transparent and accessible for businesses and individuals by using blockchain technology and integrated satellite data.