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Coorest is a forward-thinking technology company dedicated to tokenize Real World Green Assets through Innovative Solutions; with a blockchain-based carbon compensation solution addressing Nature restoration and environmental degradation. Coorest provides a certified carbon compensation standard leveraging satellite monitoring and smart contracts to ensure transparency and reliability. Our solution ensures that all CO2 tokens are backed by carbon captured from verified and immutable sources


At Coorest, we offer a comprehensive carbon offsetting platform that empowers businesses and individuals to take meaningful action against climate change. Our platform utilizes blockchain technology, satellite monitoring, and smart contracts to provide certified carbon offsets that are backed by verifiable data and transparent processes. Through our platform, users can easily offset their carbon emissions by supporting environmental projects such as reforestation, afforestation, agroforestry, and community-based initiatives. By facilitating carbon offsetting in a user-friendly and accessible way, we enable our clients to make a tangible impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainability.

Our solution includes:

  1. Our solution offers a CO2 offset platform that makes carbon offsetting easy and transparent aimed at serving the B2B and B2C market
  2. We have a Carbon Certification Standard (Coorest carbon standard), validated and approved by Earthood (United Nations)
  3. The app is native Blockchain and performs real asset digitalization
  4. The application is 100% decentralized with integration of Satellite data through Chain-link DON for the minting of CO2 tokens, which makes our system is built with integrated MRV: measurement, reporting and verification (MRV for its acronym in English)
  5. Each carbon token:
  • It is generated based on the confirmation of the satellite, Cco2 tokens are continuously released to mimic co2 absorption by the real world trees(unless something happens to the project)
  • Represents 1 kilo. We did this by seeking to facilitate micro-compensation (currently, the unit of measurement of traditional carbon credits represents one ton)
  • When the company or individual wants to compensate, the tokens are removed from the blockchain chain (burn) and this activity generates a PoCC that is represented in an NFT which makes it immutable.


At Coorest, we provide a carbon compensation platform that offers certified carbon offsets backed by satellite monitoring and smart contracts. Our platform simplifies the process of carbon offsetting for businesses and individuals, making it easy to take meaningful action to reduce carbon emissions and support Natural based projects. Coorest strives for global, unbiased and transparent compensation solutions, at the core of which is blockchain technology.

The Coorest dApp

Is a decentralized application on the Polygon network. It allows the purchase, sale and transfer of NFTrees, and CCO2 tokens. It is also the place where CCO2 can be claimed from NFTrees and Proof of Carbon Compensation certificates can be received by compensating parties. All of the transactions on the Coorest dApp are visible to everyone at all times, making carbon compensation on the dApp transparent and fully traceable.

The Coorest Carbon Standard

Is first certified carbon compensation standard and methodology that integrates blockchain technology and satellite monitoring (MRV). It is the first verified carbon compensation method based on a blockchain. Everything from the creation of carbon compensation tokens to their retirement is handled by smart contracts on the Coorest dApp. It uses specific project requirements, satellite data and smart contracts to verify carbon capture and allow carbon compensation.


Coorest NFTrees

Are non-fungible tokens linked to trees that absorb carbon dioxide. Each NFTree is a representation of a specific tree planted in a carbon capture project. The GPS location of each green project is recorded in the NFTree’s metadata. The NFTrees generate CCO2 tokens in proportion to the amount of absorbed CO2 over a period of 20 years. If a tree dies or is removed, it is replaced with another tree from a dedicated reserve or the NFTree holder will stop receiving Coorest CO2 tokens until the issue is resolved.

Coorest carbon tokens

Coorest’s fungible tokens, CCO2, represent one kilogram of carbon dioxide absorbed by trees. These tokens are minted through smart contracts under specific conditions:

  1. A carbon absorption calculation from an NFTree or carbon capture project must be submitted to the Coorest smart contract.
  2. Monthly satellite data from Floodlight must be streamed to the smart contract. Once these conditions are met, the CCO2 tokens can be held, transferred, purchased, sold, or burned on the Coorest decentralized application (dApp).

The token generation rate corresponds to the carbon absorption rate of the tree associated with the “NFTree or carbon capture project.”

Proof of carbon compensation certificate (PoCC)

An actual NFT certification that proves that a person or business burned their carbon credits ($CCO2) to compensate for their carbon footprint. A PoCC is generated when $CCO2 tokens are burned via the Coorest smart contracts. Burning $CCO2 tokens removes them from the circulating supply and ensures they can never be used for compensation again.

The PoCC NFT contains the following data:

  1. Name of compensator
  2. Amount of carbon compensated
  3. Reason for compensation
  4. Timestamp of compensation

This data is stored immutably on the Polygon blockchain.


Coorest is the preferred choice for carbon offsetting due to our unwavering commitment to quality, credibility, and impact. Our carbon offsets are certified by official United Nations auditors, ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations. Furthermore, our platform offers free onboarding for green projects and farmers worldwide, democratizing access to carbon-offsetting initiatives and empowering local communities to participate in environmental conservation efforts. With Coorest, clients can trust that their contributions are making a real difference in nature while supporting sustainable development initiatives around the globe.


Coorest is dedicated to natural based solutions, and build resilience through innovative carbon compensation solutions. Utilizing blockchain technology, satellite monitoring, and smart contracts, we provide verifiable and transparent carbon offsets, ensuring a tangible and real impact.

Our certified carbon compensation standard, validated by United Nations auditors, guarantees the highest level of credibility and effectiveness. We offer onboarding for small and medium green projects and farmers, democratizing access to carbon offsetting and fostering global participation in environmental conservation.

With products like NFTrees and CCO2 tokens, we make carbon offsetting straightforward and transparent. Every step, from token generation to retirement, is managed through smart contracts, ensuring accountability and traceability.

By choosing Coorest, you join a global effort to create a sustainable future. Our platform supports reforestation, afforestation, agroforestry projects, and community initiatives, making a real difference in the process of nature restoration. Together, we can pave the way for a greener, more sustainable world for future generations.




Coorest makes carbon compensation easy, transparent and accessible for businesses and individuals by using blockchain technology and integrated satellite data.