Direct Effects of Climate Change — Coorest Planting Days Postponed

We were meticulously working on this project for our community. The plan was to plant our very first NFTree batch next week, from third to fifth May 2022, in Caspe, Spain. Unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions, we were advised by our partners at the fig tree nursery that we need to postpone our project. When planting will occur needs to be determined. Please refer to this document for more information.

Planting figs should be carried out optimally to make the NFTrees as profitable as possible. Once again, this shows us that climate change is real. Average temperatures of 22ºC and average minimum temperatures above 6ºC are necessary to achieve the correct establishment and rooting of the fig trees. We were very surprised to find out that Spain is not as warm as we expected in spring. In fact, a few days ago there were numerous headlines in the news talking about frost and snow damaging the crops.

The good news is that the Brown Turkey Figs are a strong bread. Unlike other plant species, these shrubs are adaptable to temperate regions, and require milder temperatures at the time of planting for proper rooting. This makes us confident that the fig trees we plant will remain durable and secure.

Just to let you know, we are still very much looking forward to meeting everyone who is coming to Caspe next week! Meeting the whole team and stakeholders behind the Coorest initiative in real-life for the first time is going to be amazing.

We can’t wait for the CoorestFest 1.0!

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