Offsetting Carbon Footprint and Restoring the Italian Landscapes: Wideverse and Coorest’s Collaboration

2 min readJul 11, 2023


Wideverse, a blockchain development startup promoting sustainable projects, has partnered with Coorest to establish a strategic alliance focused on Italy. By utilizing their network and expertise, Wideverse aims to simplify the process for companies to offset their carbon emissions and contribute to the restoration of the Italian landscape, while also enabling Italian farmers to generate additional income.

To kick off this partnership, 13 hectares of land with 3,000 olive trees have been integrated into the Coorest Ecosystem. This pilot project covers an area in the southeastern region of Puglia, known as “Salento”, which has been heavily impacted by the Xylella bacterium over the past 15 years. This bacterium has caused immeasurable damage and led to the death of over 21 million ancient olive trees. Additionally, there has been an 8% increase in pollution rates over the last 5 years, along with a drastic 80% reduction in oil production.

The goal is to establish a widely adoptable model for reforestation in Italy, utilizing a scalable approach to support local farmers and their economy. The aim is also to create a chain of trust among all stakeholders through certified processes powered by blockchain technology.

Wideverse embraces Coorest’s intent, spirit, best practices, and innovative approaches towards building a more sustainable ecosystem. Sergio Pantaleo, Wideverse’s co-founder and CTO, states,

“After a thorough evaluation, I can confidently say that Coorest has the most robust and forward-looking strategy for carbon compensation, with solid processes and an innovative solution. We appreciate the commitment and support from the Coorest team during this initial milestone, which forms the foundation of a long-term relationship and holds great promise for future results.“

Wideverse’s commitment to planting trees within Italy provides a unique opportunity for all companies in the country to offset their carbon footprint by contributing to the preservation and growth of Italian biodiversity. By partnering with Wideverse, Coorest ensures that Italian companies seeking to offset their carbon emissions can now support local projects and actively participate in the restoration of Italy’s natural environment.

“We are delighted to have Wideverse as a partner focused on developing the Italian market. This partnership represents another step forward in our belief of connecting farmers and landowners worldwide with companies, working together towards a more sustainable future,” says Diana Taborda, Coorest’s COO.

Coorest and Wideverse envision a future where carbon compensation is accessible, transparent, and economically beneficial for all stakeholders involved. By supporting local projects and leveraging technology, they are setting a new standard for sustainable practices, offering hope and inspiration to individuals and companies seeking to make a positive environmental impact.

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