PLC Network Joins Coorest in the Pursuit of Carbon Neutral World

Coorest’s ecosystem is rapidly growing.

After Vulcan Forged, Venly, Rooted and Polygon, we are happy to announce a new partner. The PLC Network is located in Africa and is actively supporting wildlife conservation.

PLC Network of the Southern Hemisphere is a platform and consulting firm with a passion for private, community and company conservation across the global South. The aim is to induce long-lasting social support for conservation.

PLC Network’s mission is to apply a conservation entrepreneur approach to implement community development and nature-based tourism solutions together with private conservation actors.

Greening the roof of Africa

Together with Hudad Lalibela Eco-Lodge & Retreat they are embarking on a 10-year reforestation program, planting tree saplings on a 200,000 sqm area on the Hudad Plateau in Ethiopia.

The Eco-Lodge, together with Maribela Hotel in Lalibela, has already planted countless trees in the area and the city. Now, the team is upscaling its efforts to create a long-lasting impact on the environment and the community.

The Eco-Lodge team is monitoring this project and is employing Nature Guards to protect the site. The aim is to plant 25,000 trees annually in the coming years.

About Coorest

Coorest introduces a new concept for proof of carbon compensation (PoCC) to avoid double-counting of carbon credit rights. Via the platform both retail and institutions are enabled to compensate for their carbon footprint by buying and burning $CCO2 tokens. That way users can receive the PoCC in return. PoCC contains data about the identity of the compensator, the amount and time of CO2 compensation.

The Coorest platform seeks to democratize platform governance and investment management. Coorest NFTrees are a part of the solution for a carbon neutral world!

Buy an NFTree, collect the CCO2 tokens and burn the tokens to register the amount CO2 you reduced. Buy here.

Join the Coorest community and start investing for a better future!

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