Coorest Private Sale Has Begun!

The private sale of Coorest tokens ($CRST) has started.
In this article, you will find important information regarding the sale, $CRST tokens and the Mother of All Figs.


The price of the Coorest governance tokens starts at 0.4 USDC per token, but depending on the number of NFTrees a person owns, the price could be as low as 0,35 USDC per token. This is a fairly low price when considering the fact that the tokens have a limited supply and grant their holders the ability to influence how Coorest is run.


The total amount of tokens is 50 million, which in the context of cryptocurrencies is a limited supply. The finite amount of tokens gives them inherent value since more cannot be created.


The value of the Coorest governance tokens may gradually increase due to several factors. The tangible and intangible benefits backing the tokens are what might drive the initial value. While the limited supply of tokens and voting rights they give may help raise the value of the tokens over time.

Here are a few reasons to buy $CRST tokens:

  • Low initial price
  • Limited supply
  • Staking potential
  • Ability to vote on pre-determined topics

Governance rights

The $CRST tokens will give their holders the right to vote on important pre-determined topics regarding Coorest. However, for those who want even more involvement and benefits, there’s the Tree Council.

The Tree Council

Similar to a board of advisors, the members of the Tree Council will have the power to directly influence the future of Coorest. They will be able to suggest future projects, have access to exclusive company insights, and have direct communication with the Coorest team.

To become a member of the Tree Council, a person has to either own 100 NFTrees and 60,000 CRST tokens, or win at the Mother of all Figs auction.

More information about the auction will be revealed soon.

Vesting period

To avoid speculation the ability to sell tokens immediately will be withheld. This is a necessary measure in order to preserve the integrity of the project. However, the vesting period will not interfere with an individual’s status as a Tree Council member. All of the tokens will be added to the blockchain ledger and will be counted towards the 60,000 $CRST total. The vesting period will only last 8 months, and 20% of the total purchased $CRST tokens will be available right from the start. Coorest has a lenient vesting period compared to other projects. Vesting periods that last two full years are a common occurrence in the crypto space.

The private sale is a huge opportunity for savvy crypto enthusiasts and people who want to support a better future for everyone.




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Coorest makes carbon compensation easy, transparent and accessible for businesses and individuals by using blockchain technology and integrated satellite data.